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Past-President (& Founder) 1964-1988 … Arnold D. Ehlert
President … Carl V. Johnson
Vice President … William J. Chamberlin, Sr.
Secretary … Ed Brennison
Treasurer/Membership Director … Sidney K. Ohlhausen
Chief Editor … Mike Kuykendall
Webmaster … (open)


Carl V. Johnson (President)
P.O. Box 26654
Minneapolis, MN 55426
email: moc.pihswollefyticniwt|lrac#moc.pihswollefyticniwt|lrac

William J. Chamberlin, Sr. (Vice President)
6314 Snow Apple Drive
Clarkston, MI 48346
email: gro.muesumelbib|78hcraeser#gro.muesumelbib|78hcraeser

Ed Brennison (Secretary)

Sidney K. Ohlhausen (Treasurer/Membership Director)
P. O. Box 20695
Houston, TX 77225-0695
email: moc.nsm|yaudoks#moc.nsm|yaudoks

Mike Kuykendall (Chief Editor)
3200 NE 109th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98682-7749

Open (Webmaster)

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